Fixtures & ITAs

Custom Fixtures, ITAs, PIAs and Nests Personalize any Tester

CSI fixtures

CSI’s team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers can design and build assemblies to mate your device under test to the test system. CSI has designed single-up and multiple-up active and passive fixtures that range from very simple, low-tolerance, manually actuated fixtures to very complex, high-tolerance systems with full automation. 

We’ve implemented technology to align 9 micron core single mode fiber to lenses with positioning accuracy to 100 nanometers.

All of our fixtures are delivered with documentation with a focus on human factors and safety. We can optionally provide you with self-test and calibration capabilities as well.

CSI has designed a 'standard' ITA with a low cost quick to manufacture ITA that can mate to any Tester interface. This 'standard' ITA replaces costly larger, formed, welded and bent chassis which cost much more and take more time to manufacture. CSI's 'standard' ITA incorporates the ability to use hinged or removable panels, mount component sub-plates on all panels and route wiring for easy maintenance. The CSI framed concept can also be used for bench test chassis and rack mount test chassis.

  • Simple to complex fixtures
  • Manual to fully automated
  • Sheet metal, G10, Delrin, Aluminum, Nylon, etc.
  • Probing configurations
  • Multiple DUTS/UUTs per fixture
  • Camera for auto LED processing
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic
  • Any Photonics component/part
CSI fixtures